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Art Central | Talks x Asia Society | 2016

SPEAKERS:ANITA BECKERS (moderator) / Founder of Galerie Anita Beckers Booth D9FEI JUN / ArtistSUZANNE MOONEY / Artist – The ContainerGINA WONG / Founder of ExperimentaALVIN WU WEI CHEN / Professor at School of Motion Media Design, SCAD Hong KongBERND KRACKE / Director of the B3 Biennial of the Moving Image, President of HfG Offenbach

Digital media and technology has in recent years become a progressively functional platform to create and develop works that can unite, engage and produce a dialogue between artists and their audience. But even with awareness of technology continually expanding, new media art has only just begun to overlap with the mainstream art world because of its challenge to the marketplace, and its often dematerialized condition making it difficult to collect. This panel aims to provide a basic distinction between digital art and new media and address how the medium is defined by curators, artists and collectors. Panelists will discuss what it is that draws technology to an artist, and give an insight into understanding the mechanisms of the medium.

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