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芳 珂・日 本 知 名 美 品 牌

New Media Installation for FANCL Concept Store 


日本知名美妝品牌芳珂 FANCL概念店|新媒體裝置

Collaboration | Out of Eden

FANCL | New Media Installation for Concept Store 


Fantastic Natural Cosmetics Limited believes that innovation and creativity are the key for the sustainable development of a city. To encourage and support initiatives with the aim to promote innovation and creativity in the community, especially among young people, a collaboration project at FANCL Conecpt Store collaboration project is innitiated. As an innovative leader in the retail industry, FANCL redefines “retail” through partnerships with world-class artists and designers in its creation of FANCL’s Concept Store, bringing together technology, nature and art to create an immersive shopping experience for consumers.


合作夥伴 FANCL(Fantastic Natural Cosmetics Limited) 認為,創新與創意,是都市可持續發展之鑰。為了支持鼓勵有志於促進社群創新的年輕族群,一個以 FANCL Concept Store 為名,創作錄像裝置為實的合作案由此誕生。身為創新產業的領路者,FANCL邀請世界級藝術家、設計師,為了 FANCL Concept Store 的催生而努力,志在結合科技,自然與藝術,為消費者創造沉浸式消費體驗。 





yU+Co. [Lab] | Projection Mapping Project


yU+Co.[Lab], HK franchise of legendary motion graphics design firm yU+Co, strives for innovative design and creative solution. Art Director Kwan Ng and Designer Jerry Chen are invited to share their experience and challenges encountered at work. 

動態圖文影像巨擘 yU+Co. 在香港的分部 yU+Co. [Lab],矢志於創新設計與創意執行。藝術總監 Kwan Ng、設計師Jerry Chen 應邀舉行講座,提供學子經驗分享,以及工作時的機遇與挑戰。



yU+Co. |

yU+Co.[Lab] |

Collaborative_IBFF+Red Bull

IBFF + Red Bull Mini-Drome Challenge | "One Gear, No Fear"





Image courtesy | IBFF


"One Gear, No Fear"- Red Bull Mini-Drome Challenge  |

Collaborative_Nam Wah

Nam Wah Neon Lights | "Neon Memory" Documentary Film Project


Neon signs, which represent the collective memory of past glory in HK, also symbolise the fading glow of value and conscience nowadays. In 2014, the M+ Museum of HK curated a series of public talk and online exhibition Neon Signs.HK. At the same time, senior-year undergraduate students led by Professor Chen Wu-Wei also accomplished their senior-year project "Neon Memory" documenting the fading phenomenon of handcrafting neon signage.

霓虹,標誌著香港人集體記憶中過往的璀璨,也象徵著舊日記憶的黯淡。2014年,香港 M+ Museum 策劃了一系列名為“Neon Signs”的公共論壇與在線展覽,討論並紀錄霓虹招牌在香港的存廢。與此同時,陳無畏教授指導本科高年級同學,完成一部名為 "Neon Memory" 的紀錄片,用以紀錄逝去的霓虹影像。


Jerry Chen follows the film production of "Neon Memory" and expands the idea of nostalgia towards fading glow of neon signs. He creates the pre-visualisation of neon signs projection mapping at the façade along the Victoria Harbour.

本科高年級學生 Jerry Chen 於 2014 年畢業製作第二階段,跟進『霓虹記憶』紀錄片內容,將香港懷舊霓虹招牌轉化為三維動畫,並使用投影貼圖(Projection Mapping)概念,合成在香港維多利亞港口的建築上,完成預視化(Pre-visualization)設計。



Electric City | Google Cultural Institute |


Microwave New Media Festival | Moving Image Packaging


"Microwave International New Media Arts Festival 2014 returns to our original settlements after exploring the possibilities for future habitats, mirroring life from the aspect of technology and science with a starting point from architecture, to contemplate on urban ecology. Video works Algorithmic Architecture and A Very Good City offer a key to the audience; the scenes of distorted streets and buildings in the former work suggests the dominating huge amount of data in people’s life when algorithm is right in trend, whereas in the latter one, the streets and space in our city captured by the camera play an distorted rhythm. What does it imply? And what does it attach to?" - Microwave New Media Festival 2014




Microwave New Media Festival | Living Architecture | 2014 |


"Microwave Festival began in 1996 as an annual video art festival of the local video art institution Videotage. But as technology progressed and became more accessible, video art slowly evolved to involve other media; thus Microwave began to embrace the wider range of new media art. As the first and only art festival in Hong Kong dedicated to new media art, Microwave has steadily grown into a well-established festival that brings cutting-edge works to provoke thought in the technological hub that Hong Kong is every year.In its 10th anniversary, Microwave Festival celebrated by becoming an independent organisation, complete with a rebranding by design partner Milkxhake and a strengthened curatorial and working team. Now stepping into our 17th year, Microwave will continue our hard work to inspire Hong Kong and the rest of the world with pioneering media artworks selected to suit themes relevant to our society today, while also avidly supporting the exchange and dialogue between artists, professionals and the general public. We envision that through the Microwave network, Hong Kong artists will be introduced to international institutions and curators, working as a platform and gateway for them to develop their art and skills. Apart from the grand annual festival, Microwave also endeavours to nurture a rising local new media arts community, organising various programmes such as educational workshops, seminars, forums and exhibitions." - quote from Microwave New Media Festival.



Microwave New Media Festival | Terra Zero | 2013 |


Clockenflap Music Festival | Moving Image Packaging


"Clockenflap is Hong Kong’s largest and longest-running outdoor music and arts festival, and a major highlight of the city’s annual cultural calendar. Launched in 2008 by friends and co-founders Mike Hill (Festival Director), Justin Sweeting (Music Director) and Jay Forster (Artistic Director), Clockenflap has grown from an intimate one-day gathering of 1,500 local music-lovers at Cyberport to a three-day cultural extravaganza in front of 60,000+ visitors from Hong Kong and around the world at West Kowloon in 2015.Clockenflap’s meteoric growth has been fuelled by a clear vision, authenticity, an unwavering desire for quality and the growing appetite of our audience. Clockenflap has evolved to become one of the most respected and innovative festivals in the region and each year we see increasing numbers of overseas visitors – after all, Hong Kong does have the best festival venue in the world!Between 2008-2015, the festival has brought a spectacular and amazingly varied array of top-class talent to the city, including New Order, The Libertines, A$AP Rocky, Primal Scream, Chic featuring Nile Rodgers, Franz Ferdinand, The Flaming Lips, Damien Rice, 2manyDJs, De La Soul and hundreds of others, while also showcasing Hong Kong’s best and brightest musical talent. In addition to Clockenflap, Magnetic Asia – the festival’s promoter and organiser – also runs regular music shows throughout the year under the YourMum banner.But while music is at the core of the festival, Clockenflap is about so much more, with stages and areas dedicated to film, visual art, performance art, arts & crafts and family fun. We also have pop-ups from some of the city's hottest bars and restaurants, interactive installations from art & design trailblazers and a cornucopia of curated experiences other curious attractions.In short, it’s a unique assembly of all the things that make life worth living, and a celebration of Hong Kong at its creative, vibrant and ebullient best. And none of it would be possible without the people that make Clockenflap tick: the always-enthusiastic and ever-growing community of Hongkongers that are the beating heart of the festival."

- quote from Clockenflap Music and Arts FestivalClockenflap

Clockenflap 是香港史上最大型及最具代表性的戶外音樂及藝術節。2008年,由Mike Hill(音樂節總監),Justin Sweeting(音樂總監)及 Jay Forster(藝術總監)三位好友共同創辦,第一屆Clockenflap於數碼港舉行,1,500名本地音樂愛好者一日相聚;來到2015年,這場小聚會已經成長為吸引本地及全球狂熱份子的超大型文化慶典,一連三日入場人數超過六萬。被各界認可為亞洲近年最前衛創新的音樂節之一,Clockenflap如此驚人的成長源自我們對整個音樂節體驗的執著,不停銳變,觀眾歷年來在Clockenflap渡過許多精彩難忘的回憶。2008年至2015年期間, Clockenflap為香港帶來數以百計的世界頂尖音樂演出單位,其中包括:New Order, The Libertines, A$AP Rocky, Primal Scream, Chic featuring Nile Rodgers, Franz Ferdinand, The Flaming Lips, Damien Rice, 2manyDJs及De La Soul等等。而Clockenflap的幕後推手-Magnetic Asia - 亦以YourMum之名為本地樂迷帶來不同音樂現場演出,全年無休。Clockenflap每年都會請來多個藝術創作單位,帶來讓人驚奇的藝術展品和表演;會場中更設有電影院、本地手作市集及親子園區等不同元素,為觀眾營造出更立體的音樂及藝術節體驗。而我們的美食廣場網羅全港各地的特色餐廳,讓大家盡情玩樂之餘也能享受美食佳餚。



Clockenflap Music and Arts Festival | 2013 |


Shaw Active Sound | 4K Digital Theatre Dolby System | Promo


Shaw Active Sound is a professional cinema sound system with higher audio reproduction quality standards than conventional systems. Shaw Active Sound utilizes high quality components and studio-grade wiring, precise speaker-amp coupling, acoustically-neutral fabrics and materials, and meticulously-designed auditorium spaces to reproduce a full-range, distortion-free listening environment unlike any other cinema in the world.


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