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Digital Sculpting: A Pedagogical Project of Aesthetics Education

數 字 雕 塑 :  美 感 教 育 教 學 計 畫

Topics In Digital Entertainment 


Course Title

Assistant Arts Professor |  Chen Wu-Wei

Course_Digital Sculpting
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Chen Wu-Wei

Course Description

Dr. Chen integrates the concepts of 3D visualization, interactive info-motion design and digital sculpting into digital heritage contents development. Dr. Chen also hosts digital heritage forum at SIGGRAPH Asia

and invites experts of interdisciplinary areas (museum contes, architecture, urban planning, curation and aesthetics) for sharing. Chen's latest papers are accepted by CIPA 2017, DCH and Springer publication.


Meet-up for extra help

This course aims to explore the negation of sculpture in the philosophical discussions, and deploys the Phenomenological Aesthetics to re-exam the definition of sculpture in the digital era. Agenda includes the image, art, and reality; truth at work; Art and the aesthetics; Art and embodied perception; Artwork and aesthetic object. Students are required to read through selected readings of Continental philosophers (e.g., Husserl, Heidegger, Ingarden, Satre, Merleau-Ponty), and utilize their theoretical work to exam the final project.


In the studio hours, this course covers digital modeling/sculpting techniques including polygonal modeling, digital sculpting, and blend-shape facial animation. Methods include the basic topology of the head model, high-poly sculpting/projection texturing, and blend shapes animation. In the final project, students get to choose either lip-sync animation or conceptual piece utilizing the created head models. An overview of digital editing/compositing and sound design will also be introduced to assist with students’ final project at the end of the semester.

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Digital Sculpting
'1041 Not Found' | Iori Fujita
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'1041 Not Found' | Iori Fujita

"Half-Life 2" game character impersonation | Adam Van Dyk
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"Half-Life 2" game character impersonation | Adam Van Dyk

Transformation Test by Digital Sculpting | Stefano Abad
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Transformation Test by Digital Sculpting | Stefano Abad

Sculpture-based expressions | Paola Chen
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Sculpture-based expressions | Paola Chen

Pilot Class

Moments In Class



Students learn and practice anatomic drawings, polygonal modelling of digital head, and apply sculpture-based expressions to animation in class exercises.










James Van Dyk utilizes Autodesk Maya to build up digital head basic topology of himself. Then he sends the polygonal model into Mudbox for digital sculpting and sculptural texturing. James further sends the sculpted model with high-res texture back to Maya for rigging and animation. He takes reference from the famous online game "Half-Life 2" and impersonates the monologue of G-Man.

Image courtesy | James Van Dyk

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