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Digital Heritage

文 化 遺 產 數 字 化



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Assistant Arts Professor |  Chen Wu-Wei

Course_Digital Heritage

Chen Wu-Wei

Course Description

Dr. Chen integrates the concepts of 3D visualization, interactive info-motion design and digital sculpting into digital heritage contents development. Dr. Chen also hosts digital heritage forum at SIGGRAPH Asia 2016/2017 and invites experts of interdisciplinary areas (museum contes, architecture, urban planning, curation and aesthetics) for sharing. Chen's latest papers are accepted by CIPA(Ottawa) and DCH(Berlin).


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This course investigates and explores the integration between cultural heritage and digital conservation, specifically towards the objects, deities, and sites of China. Through the reflections of the Chinese cultural heritage under the global perspectives of Chinese history, the course raises the awareness of heritage conservation and critical heritage studies towards the origins and the transformations of China in the contemporary era. Academic readings and oral presentations revolving around the theme lectures enhance students’ senses of documentation and restoration by innovative digital techniques in China; Conservator presentations, field trips, gallery visits, and art projects enable students to communicate with practitioners in the field, and examine the values of Chinese cultural heritages under global perspective. 

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