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Introduction to Animation
​動 畫 概 論



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Chen Wu-Wei, M.F.A., Ph.D.

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Chen Wu-Wei

Course Description

Dr. Chen integrates the concepts of 3D visualization, interactive info-motion design and digital sculpting into digital heritage contents development. Dr. Chen also hosts digital heritage forum at SIGGRAPH Asia and invites experts of interdisciplinary areas (museum contes, architecture, urban planning,

curation and aesthetics) for sharing. Chen's latest papers are accepted by CIPA , DCH and Springer publication.


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Tangible heritage (site, object, and structure) and intangible heritage (motif, icon, character, textile, wardrobe, music, performance, language and ritual) are unseparated parts of the cultural heritage. The narrative and messaging of cultural heritage can be preserved by moving sequences, motion design and animation. The richness of heritage contents can be further disseminated and known by the dynamic media.


This course aims to utilize animation and motion media to depict and preserve the richness of cultural heritage contents. 2D animation and motion graphics techniques will be addressed and applied to the storytelling. Students will be guided to research the Asian cultural heritage contents including the tangible and intangible heritage. They will further explore the visual design and production pipeline of animation. Visiting expert of interactive media design and intangible heritage performance will get involved to share the insights to the students.

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