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Interactive Motion Design

交 互 動 態 設 計

IMTM-SHU 280-1


Course Title

Assistant Arts Professor |  Chen Wu-Wei


Chen Wu-Wei

Course Description

Dr. Chen integrates the concepts of 3D visualization, interactive info-motion design and digital sculpting into digital heritage contents development. Dr. Chen also hosts digital heritage forum at SIGGRAPH Asia 2016/2017 and invites experts of interdisciplinary areas (museum contes, architecture, urban planning, curation and aesthetics) for sharing. Chen's latest papers are accepted by CIPA 2017 (Ottawa) and DCH2017 (Berlin).


Meet-up for extra help

The course enables students to be proficient with a range of industry-standard motion design software; document preliminary work and explain conceptual development using appropriate vocabulary and theory; execute motion design projects and apply to interactive design; effectively communicate and demonstrate appropriate use of visual design principles.

Project Brief
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